Do Uggs hurt your feet??

UGGs Hurt MY Feet? Read This for Relief from Monmouth County Female Podiatrist!

Temperature has hit a low for the season at the Jersey Shore, and by now you have rushed to bring out your UGGs—those slouchy, comfy, cozy pillows for your feet that we all love to wear when it is freezing cold here in Monmouth County.

For women and kids, especially, the chance to switch from flip flops to a socially-acceptable winter version is exciting for most except Monmouth County female podiatrist.

Don’t kill the messenger but UGGs aren’t all that good for your feet, even though they feel amazingly warm to slip into on a cold windy day at the Jersey Shore.

Here are a few reasons why UGGs are bad for your feet. 


#1 Problem: UGGs are Too Flat

The completely flat base offers no arch support.  Patients we see at our Oakhurst office this is an issue because it leads to heel pain in kids who are between 9-12.  For our adult patient, the lack of arch support aggravates their bone spur or plantar fasciitis.  Part of the “style” that makes them so easy is no laces, no straps and no real shape, which means your feet and toes have to clench and grab every time you take a step, just to keep from sliding around.

Solution: An OTC orthotic insert available at AllCare Foot & Ankle to slip into your boot, your shoes will fit better and your feet will get some added support, making the likelihood of discomfort in your favorite boots much, much lower.

#2 Problem: UGGs make my feet sweat

Yes, your UGGs are super cozy but, especially in typical wearers here in NJ we go from the cold outside to well heated schools, malls, etc. where warm lining can really make your feet sweat, leaving you vulnerable to foot fungi like Athlete’s Foot.

Solution: A moisture wicking sock!  Wear socks designed to soak up moisture so sweat doesn’t sit on your feet all day.   Alternatively, you could put some antiperspirant on the bottom of your feet.  Monmouth County Dr. Allison Cheney recommends your favorite brand you already have for your underarms just keep a new bottle just for your feet.  NEVER go barefoot in your UGGs and ALWAYS air your feet out, sock-free, after you’ve been wearing them for a while. 


Ultimately, we all have our favorite shoe for the season.  Even your supposedly comfiest best looking shoes can hurt your feet if you don’t know the right way to wear them. If you regularly experience foot pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. Allison Cheney so you can stop hurting and start loving your favorite shoes again.  Be sure  if you make an appointment to bring in a few of these shoes for Dr. Cheney to evaluate for wear patterns that could be causing your problems.