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Vendor  Neutral  Stability  Motion Control  Light Weight      Walking      Trail Runner    
Adidas     Solution      SuperNova        
  SuperNova Sequence        
Asics Nimbus* Kayano* Forte     Gel-Scout(Neutral)
  Cumculus*    GT 2000        
Brooks Glycerine Adrenaline Ariel Pur Flow Adiction Adrenaline
  Dyad   Beast (Neutral) Walker ASR(Stability)
  Ghost   Addiction     Cascadia(Neutral)
Mizuno Rider Inspire   Elixir(Stability)    
New Balance   880 860 940      
Nike Pegasus* Structure        
Saucony Ride Guide   Kinvana(Neutral)   Peregrine(Neutral)

(*) Available in Widths

Neutral: for an underpronater/ no medical posting.

Stability:for mild to moderate pronation/ medical posting using different midsole densities or an external thermal plastic support.

Motion Control: for moderate to severe overpronation/ firmer medical posting, thermal plastic support, straight last, wider base support.

Light Weight:considered a second shoe/also used for race walking.