Ladies Heels

We must create the habit of checking the age of our heels in order to determine whether or not it’s time to throw them out and move on.  High heels are sometimes necessary for an event, outfit, or in some cases daily business.  But they can also generate extensive foot pain and lead to potential injury.

As seen in a previous blog article of ours on sneakers, heels also have a lifespan.  The following is a list of helpful tips so you can keep track of your heels aging process.

  1. Significant frayed material on the surface of the heel.
  2. Surface of the heel has become uneven and is causing instability which also requires you to overly compensate in order to stay balanced.
  3. Sole has discoloration and has lost the tread.  In some cases, the sole is now slippery on certain surfaces.
  4. Insole has discoloration and has deteriorated causing discomfort.