Heel Pain

Experiencing Severe Achilles Pain or Heel Pain?

New Pressure Wave Treatment Provides Highly Effective Heel Pain treatment and Achilles Pain Treatment.  Pressure wave technology, or Sound Wave Therapy, speeds the body's natural healing process.  The body's blood circulation is enhanced and the metabolism is stimulated and the damaged tissue is able to regenerate. 

Heel pain can stem from many ailments including plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.  Over time, these can cause painful inflammation of your heel or worse your Achilles. 

Some Common Treatments for heel and Achilles pain include:

  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Ice
  • Stretch
  • Night Splints
  • Orthotics

When is it time to see a podiatrist?

It is always recommended you speak to a podiatrist when you're experiencing heel pain.  Dr. Cheney can recommend the best course of action to treat you after she takes digital x-rays in her office and discusses her findings with you the same day.

Heel spur or Achilles Tendon surgery is sometimes required when pain is chronic and has not been addressed early on.  Give Dr. Cheney a call to make sure your heel or Achilles situation is reviewed properly.

Schedule an Appointment Today for New Heel Pain Treatment and New Achilles Pain Treatment.  You can schedule an appointment online or call our office at 732-695-3668.